A Month in Nebraska & Iowa

On October 2nd, Julian and I flew out to Omaha, NE, in partnership with LA artist Mike Nesbit, to create a feature length documentary following his journey to create large concrete representations of the Midwest sky. We found incredible and gracious hospitality in Omaha, and the documentary quickly grew from capturing the concrete pieces to depicting the wealth of culture brimming amongst the Midwest landscape.

With long shooting days, plenty of rain, and zero lights, we put the Ursa Mini through its paces. The Midwest (Omaha, Des Moines and Ames) provided us with incredible light and landscapes.

A month later with 8TBs of footage, we are deep in post-production as refine the footage down to a 60 minute run-time. Along the way, we find little gems buried in the piles of data, such as the image below which was captured just before sunrise on the plant grounds of Enterprise Pre-cast Concrete. It was rainy and we barely had an exposure but the lights, the dawn sky, and subtle fog of warm breath, created a moment that felt frozen in time.

More to come…